Mid-October Delights

October often has crisp air, cool nights and delicious veggies and fruits to eat! As some fields yield their last of the tomatoes, green beans and other summer crops, delicious greens of assorted varieties thrive!

Have you tried Beta Blend? This is a delightful mix of baby beet and chard varieties! Change the way you think about baby greens! This mix is tender and delicious with the texture of spinach and the sweetness of Russian kales. It includes red, green, white and gold stems.

What about adding some Mizuna to your salad? It adds a little mustard spice flavor along with vitamins, iron and folate! Use it as a garnish on top of hot autumn soups or put it on pizza! Order a bag from Maryland Harvest and try this delicious treat! 

Delicious rainbow chard is plentiful this week! Enjoy it sauteed or stir fried this nutrition packed leafy vegetable thrives in cool nights and warm days. Earthy, nutty and fresh flavors are found in this blen


Sweet, tangy, and creamy things help temper the mineral edge of all chard. A bit of balsamic vinegar, a squirt of lemon juice, or a bit of creme fraiche or goat cheese are all great with chard. No matter how you cook rainbow chard, remember that it has some red chard in it and will “bleed” red when cooked, tinging adjacent foods a lovely shade of pink.

What’s New this Week at Maryland Harvest
We’ve got STAYMAN Apples! 

The Stayman apple was developed in the late 1860s by Dr. Joseph Stayman in Leavenworth County, Kansas. Firm & crisp, finely textured, juicy with yellowish-green flesh, Stayman Apples are known for their striking color and robust sweet-tart taste. Stayman is an all-purpose apple.  Many love to bake with Stayman, but a fresh Stayman apple is excellent for eating out of hand. They keep very well and make a fine addition to blended cider.  Get some from Maryland Harvest for your next pie, baked apple recipe or just to enjoy!

Also new this week is Biquinho Peppers! Pronounced bee-KEE-nyo, the name of this pepper from Brazil means “little beak,” and it will add a kiss of flavor to any dish you cook with it. It also adds that smoky flavor to dishes like other peppers. (as shown here, they can be canned)

This may be the last week for heirloom tomatoes (the plants are getting tired) so make sure to order some! We continue to have a variety of squash, okra, onions, Brussels sprouts, Gala, Jonathan, and  Golden Delicious apples along with lots of peppers, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, lettuce, Asian mix of greens, green beans, herbs, fresh pasture raised eggs and more! And don’t forget the yummy Apple Butter and Chocolates!