It Feels Like Autumn!

Do you remember  this in June and July? Heavy downpours watering the crops and causing the chickens to seek refuge under and in their coop. We’ve recently experienced a flash drought in the US, primarily in southern states, but even here in Maryland! A Flash drought is a rapidly intensifying water deficit process accompanied by high temperatures in a short period of time.

Recently, heat extremes have become more frequent in a warming climate, and have substantially increased the occurrence of flash drought, which threatens crop yields and water supply. (National Weather Service). 

Thankfully with a functioning irrigation system and both human and technological oversight, Autumn and Winter vegetables and fruits at Maryland Harvest farms continue to grow and produce and the chickens continue to adapt to the unusual temperature changes. 

This past Saturday was Heritage Montgomery Harvest Festival in Montgomery County and Maryland Harvest Members participated at Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm in Germantown. 

There were fresh vegetables, fruit, eggs and chocolates for sale and delicious food to purchase made by Chef Mark and Chef Tommy from fresh vegetables, fruits and local meats. Visitors were accompanied by excellent live music and learned about solar power and the “Don’t toss it – FIX it’ philosophy from Community group TimeBank Repair Cafe. Fun was had by all!

What’s New this Week at Maryland Harvest

FALL crops continue to ripen!

This week we’ve got BRUSSELS SPROUTS and Homemade APPLE BUTTER!

Asian Greens, Mixed Greens, Tatsoi, French Breakfast Radishes, and Fresh Ginger are also still available. Check out this week’s availability list at Maryland Harvest!  We continue to have winter squashes of various varieties, okra, corn (last week), onions, Gala, Autumn Crisp, Jonathan, and  Golden Delicious apples along with lots of peppers, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, lettuce, green beans, herbs and more! And don’t forget the yummy Chocolates!

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