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Who are we?

Maryland Harvest is a portal begun by three farms -  Your Chef’s Table, Willow Spring Farm, and Chocolates and Tomatoes - to connect eaters to their produce and the farm products of other Maryland farm partners committed to our same goals of environmental stewardship and community support. Beginning May 2019, we will have service every week so you can enjoy local seasonal farm products year round.

How it works:

Each week you can go onto our electronic marketplace and order what you need for the week. Select your produce, eggs, and meats as you would shopping at a market - just what you need or want for that week. Our marketplace will offer selections including:

  • Seasonal sustainable vegetables, herbs and mushrooms
  • Pasture raised meats (beef, lamb, pork, chicken)
  • Pasture raised eggs
  • Have a busy week - choose from 3 meal kits ready to make from local farm produce (vegetarian/vegan and meat options)
  • Soon we will also offer local dairy products, bulk grains and dried legumes.

Our goal is to get to the point where we can help you fill your full table with seasonal, local and environmentally sustainable products - delivered to a convenient location for your pick-up.

Each week once your order is placed, we send a message to our local farm partners to pick and prepare your order.

We pack it in a central location and then deliver it to you at a pre-arranged pick-up location.

Your order comes to you in an insulated shopping bag to keep it cool and fresh. By using a standard insulated bag, we can use less plastic in our packing.

You will select your pre-arranged pick up location and date when you order.

How do I Sign Up?

Go to the Maryland Harvest Portal and sign-up to be a customer.  From there you will set up your account to login, add payment options, and fill your cart each week. We'll email you when the market is open and remind you to close your cart so we can pick your products!

Once you are a member you have a number of options for payment:

  • The best way to support the local farms is through Maryland Harvest Marketplace Credit program. In the Market Credit program, you pay ahead by check or cash. Then each week at check out, the amount of your order will be subtracted from your market credit account. You can add to your market credit account at anytime. Because you are partnering with us upfront, we provide you with a 3% additional amount of credit on your purchase. We do this because we want to thank you for your partnership that allows us cash flow when our costs are highest and we avoid credit card and electronic transactions fees.
  • If you do not want to participate in Maryland Harvest marketplace credit program, you can pay directly for you order during checkout each week.

How do we work for environmental sustainability?

Each of the farm partners of Maryland Harvest works through a USDA Carbon Assessment Tool (COMET) to evaluate the greenhouse gas impact of their farm and then develop strategies to lessen that impact. Working with our farm partners, our goal is to help all of them get their net greenhouse gas impact to zero. This can add to the cost of production, so having you directly purchase through us, lowers the cost of marketing and sales to offset the added expense of growing sustainably.

Where are pick up locations?

Pick up days will be scheduled for Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Locations will include:

  • Urban Institute
  • Camillus Catholic Church
  • Your Chef's Table Farm (Brookeville)
  • Willow Spring Farm (Ashton)

What is the community support part?

We are partnering with Manna Food Bank to identify members of our community that are food insecure, or unable to realistically pay the full price of local, sustainable farm produce. For every 9 members, Manna will identify one of our neighbors to purchase farm produce at wholesale price. This is really you, as a member of Maryland Harvest, supporting your neighbors.

What if I will be away for a week or two?

Unlike traditional CSAs that provide a package of vegetables each week making you stop your service or find someone to take your place, the Maryland Harvest Marketplace is easy. If you do not need something for the week, you simply do not order.

What if I cannot pick up at my usual location?

At checkout on the marketplace, you can mark that you want to pickup at a different location that week.